Mainstreaming circular economy in the private sector of Kosovo

Mainstreaming circular economy in the private sector of Kosovo

Kosova Chamber of Commerce has started the implementation of the project "Mainstreaming circular economy in the private sector of Kosovo", co-funded by the European Union and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development as part of the ‘Sustainable Municipal Services’ project, which is implemented by GIZ Kosovo.

Transitioning from the linear model ‘take-make-use-dispose’ towards a circular model where everything is managed in closed loops is key aspect to ensure sustainable development in the country and manage resources responsibly and effectively. A key factor to initiate such positive change is undoubtedly the business community, which plays a key role in integrating circular economy practices, first in their business models and then in all sectors of the economy. In this regard, the new project aims to mainstream circular economy within the private sector of Kosovo by strengthening their capacities, with a special focus on the recycling sector.

GIZ is committed to support sustainable development in Kosovo. Capacitating the private sector so they can be an active stakeholder leading the transition towards circular economy is very important.

Kosova Chamber of Commerce and the private sector will work constantly to create an enabling environment and improve business models, so companies can be profitable while being sustainable. 

Publikuar më 03.11.2021